how to get plastids in warframe
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Read now to know WHERE to get plastids in Warframe

November 12, 2018

About Warframe, it is a game created and progressed by Steven Strom and released on September 04, 2018. This is a tactic video game, can be played on both Single and Multiplayer Modes. If you are a new player in this game, I hope that this article will show you the most direct look about warframe where to get plastids and how to get plastids in warframe. Let’s check it out!

I. Warframe where to get plastids:

Our guide will support new players to learn about warframe where to get plastids- where to find this precious resource for building new warframes.

If you’re new to Warframe, knowing the locations to find the dozens of resources needed to build up new frames and weapons is half of the challenge-especially when it turns to plastids. This nonsimilar resource is used in a variety of systems blueprints for various frames, which makes farming them is necessary. But where can a beginner player find them?

how to get plastids in warframe

  1. Resouces of those secret locations:

Warframe’s various sources are tied to detailed planetoids and events. In the case of plastids, you’ll mostly look for them on Phobos, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. And like most materials, they can loot from both enemies and in-level containers.

For 100% new players, Phobos will be the initial place you can find plastids even though their drop rate is small. Keep the best eye out for the plastid carapaces that can sometimes be searched on Phobos missions. If you’re struggling with higher-level areas like Saturn and are trying to crush plastids to build a more powerful warframe where to get plastids-like the indomitable Rhino, you’ll want to play these levels carefully.

If you’re handling tasks on Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris, however, farming plastids are much easier. Mission types like protect and survive will make your face against the endless waves of enemies. This basically makes them the hardest mission in warframe where to get plastids for searching resource, collecting, since everyone you defeat is another chance to gain the material you want. The longer you stick around, the greater those chances incline-along with the quality of rewards you owe in the meantime.

Resouces of those secret locations

That’s the reason why the Piscinas, Saturn is such a good location to farm plastids in warframe where to get plastids. Not only is it a mid-level survival task, available to the wide swathe of new players. It highlights the Infested faction. This normalappearance is much larger, the easier prediction swarms of foes than other groups. Piscinas is also what used to be named “Dark Sector.” In the past, this warframe where to get plastids were fighting against between player and player factions for certain rewards. That PVP system is stopped, but the bonus XP and drop rates it still provided stably.

  1. More imformation:

Location isn’t the only thing, though. A number of mods and companions can incline the odds of searching what you need or at least relieve the tedium of gathering them, once you get where you intended to go.

The Smeeta breed of Kavat, for instance, appears with the Charm mod. This special triggers an effect which might double your loot in two minutes. Then there’s the more similar Scavenge mod. This will bring your Kavat orKubrow a percentage chance to unlock otherwise locked lockers on any task-any of which might include your preferred mineral.

And then, the Carrier brand of Sentinel can open the Looter mod. The item’s resulting shock wave will protect you the obstacle of destroying safety crates by blowing them up for you. How nice. Of course, all Sentinels can also prepare the Vacuum mod, which might just be the most powerful mod of all. This handy little weapon sucks up any loot you approach automatically—which mostly estimates the risk of sprinting right past whatever resources you’re searching for without seeing them.

Warframe where to get plastids

Finally, one last option is to install a Titan Extractor on Uranus, which will farm plastids (and several other resources) passively in real time. You’ll need to come over every mission on Uranus first, but once you do you can buy a Titan Extractor blueprint from the market and install using the Star Chart map. All you’ll need to do is paying attention to its health and wait four hours for it to accomplish a harvesting cycle and you’ll have a good material of plastids to use.

II. How to get plastids in warframe:

  1. Create a group to make things right:

Create a group to make things right

It’s also another rare source just like Oxium and Neurodes. Plastids can be hard to get through. Unfortunately, the plan that I found to farm Plastids efficiently isn’t very newcomer friendly. So, before you participate in how to get plastids in warframe you’ll have to open your Star Chart all the way up to Uranus.

So, in order to make things right, there are two requirements that you will need to know. A group of four, at least one of them will play a role of Hydroid that will be using his fourth skill with the Pilfering Swamp Augment mod equipped. And the other warframe that useful for you is Nekros who use Desecrate with the Despoil Augment mod installed.

So, on to the real farm, you’ll have to attend to Uranus as I said above and the node is Ophelia which is a survival mission. Obviously, you’re going with your teammate of four. So, the basic tactic in how to get plastids in warframe is, of course, to search for a dead-end room and just stay in it with your whole team. Of course, if you have Hydroid you can stay a while in it and Hydroid finishes all the work with his fourth skill and it turns into a smooth sailing from there. So, the results in three waves, which is approximately 15 minutes, I was capable of getting just under 900 Plastids without a Hydroid in my team. And at the same time, with three waves but with a Hydroid on my team, I can mount uptowards of a thousand Plastids which shows the importance of Hydroid.

  1. Become a Stalker is a tactic?

Moreover, being a farm Stalker is one way in how to get plastids in warframe part. So, why would we want to farm Stalker? Well, because he falls down my favorite weapon in the game and arguably the best bow in the game called Dread, an awesome throwing tool by the name of Despair, and Hate which is a really interesting melee scythe.

Become a Stalker is a tactic?

So, what’s the best way to farm the Stalker in how to get plastids in warframer? Well, first things you need to create a group and with that group, you want to farm a leader over and over again until the entire group gets this message: “Your actions have consequences…”.

This means that you are highlighting for death by the Stalker. You can solo but you have a higher opportunity that Stalker will get if you’re in a group. After everyone has been spotted by the Stalker on one boss, and you need to move to another boss. And you want to do this on other bosses as you can because it stacks. Now, the disadvantage about this is that Stalker will not appear in assassination tasks. In addition to complete the missions, relays, dojos, and the law of retribution. So, he won’t come back while you’re getting yourself marked by him. So, you need to do another mission after that to get him to show up.

  1. The next move:

Now, once he already shows up through very observant listen to what he orders and read what he says because if you defeat him, it will only delete one mark from one of the bosses. And when he appears he will mention the name of boss he’s there to avenge. So, if you murder him you can get back to that boss and farm him so, we are once again spotted by every single boss.

The next move

If you are in a team and you’re the only one that’s spotted for death the chances of Stalker spawning are still stronger than when you are alone. And if everyone is highlighted for death by the Stalker the chances are even double. Now, if you are in this team and you receive the lights flickering and he beginsto talk to you.

The important thing you need to do is tell everyone. I just type stalker in chat to make a sign so people know that it’s the Stalker and it’s not one of the Syndicates and leaves a waypoint. So, you can team up and you can beat him down before he gets you. Alright, he doesn’t have to murder you, all he has to do is knock you down and if he succeeds at this he will leave. I see so many people not afraid of this guy and then get completely smashed by him because he will clean all your active abilities. If you’re running low health and shield Rhino with a thin iron skin. He’s gonna one shot you down.

III. Other tips:

These are leaned on opinions and may not be true 100%. These should be seen as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check the comment section for more information.

The Defense taskStephano on Uranus has a lot of containers and can possibly come around 100 Plastids per 5 waves.

Saturn is a good location to harvest Plastids, specially Piscinas. It is an Infestation Survival task and at the 20-25+ minute mark, it can increase a high amount of plastids.

In addition, to Piscinas on Saturn, Helene on Saturn is also an excellent area to loot Plastids, as well as Nano Spores.

With all nodes completed in Uranus, using a Titan Extractor on Uranus can bring many Plastids and Polymer Bundle with ease. It also has a small chance to gather3-4 Detonate Ampule.

Playing Multiple Rounds of protection on Eris will usually yield sufficiently an amount of Plastids if all storage containers and opponents are looted.

Other tips

So yeah that’s about it. I really hope this brings something useful to you. If you guys have any better ideas about how to get plastids in warframeand warframe where to get plastids please let me know because 4000 Plastids in an hour is really pretty awesome. So, if anything’s better than that I would be happy to enhance.