All the secrets that the Run 3 developer won’t tell you!!!

March 12, 2020

You may have heard about Run 3, the Running mobile game that everyone knows. More than just a Running mobile game, Run 3 step-by-step becomes an icon in the pop culture by having been receiving thousands of download daily ever since it was released in 2018. Half of the players who have experienced Run 3 admitted that they found it hard to finish 50% of the game, while only a quarter of the other half can be accomplished nowhere close to 70%. What makes Run 3 become such an addictive but also difficult game to play like that? How to reach the goal you desire in the game and what to do when you want to play the characters you dream of? All those questions will be answered in this article – All the secrets that the Run 3 developer won’t tell you. Check it out!

General information:

Run 3 is a successfully Running mobile video game, which was released as the third instalment in the series of Run by Player 03. In the game, the player will learn about the adventure of an alien animal, who leaves his planet to fulfil his dream of exploring the endless space tunnels. Alongside with its explosive popularity across the globe, Run 3 has also been reviewed as one of the most resourceful games of all time due to its vast in the desirable elements and wonderful in-game attractions.

How to get all the characters you love in Run 3?

Unlike its predecessors, Run 3 was added in new characters with unique personalities. Other than the Runner, who is the default characters, Run 3 contains a list of other nine playable characters. The number of nine characters is also a great number for any Running mobile game which has ever published. The player can unlock the characters by completing the certain tasks that the game gives. Or else, the player can spend the Power cells – the in-game currency to buy new characters in the game shop. Unfortunately, no one ever tells you how to or what to do to play the character you want in the game, swipe up and you will see the magic!

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Hereunder is the list of Run 3 all characters with the requirements for their appearance in the game

  1. Runner – No requirements needed
  2. Skater – Finish level 10.
  3. Lizard – Finish level 40.
  4. Bunny – Finish eight in-game achievements, or buy from the shop for 2,000 power cells.
  5. Gentleman – Buy from the shop for 2,000 power cells.
  6. Duplicator – Buy from the shop for 6,000 power cells.
  7. Child – Accomplish the Low-power tunnel, or buy from the shop for 2,000 power cells.
  8. Pastafarian – Buy from the shop for 6,000 power cells.
  9. Student – Buy from the shop for 10,000 power cells.
  10. Angel – Buy from the shop for 12,000 power cells.

No matter how good you are at managing your adventure with Run 3, somehow alongside your exploration in the game, you may need a little bit of “Run 3 cheats”. We kindly hope that this article will give you a good look over the game and the experience you have with Run 3 in the future will be a lot more exciting!