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About the game True Crime

True Crime New York City is an action-adventure game that was created by Luxoflux for PS2, Xbox, and GameCube in 2005. This game was also the second game in the series True Crime games that were very famous a few years ago. The game followed Marcus Reed – a former member of New York City gang who turned a police officer. In this game, a mentor of Reed was murdered and this death made Reed decide to try to find out the murderer. He started investigating all suspects, following the remaining traces to find out clues and catch the murderer. This is a dangerous adventure with various deadly dangers that always lurking. And in the role of the protagonist, players will have a chance to explore a totally different New York – strange and full of dangers.

With lots of prominent features and a well-written storyline, this game is a good game to play. However, with the investment is not thorough enough, this game wasn’t successful as people expected. And in 2014, the developer decided to drop this series games completely. And this leaved regret for many fans of this series games.


About Truecrime2005.com

Truecrime2005.com was the official website of True Crime series games. This site was a news channel that the Developer – Luxoflux used to announce all information or events relating to the games such as the trailer, the released date, etc to supporters. However, until 2014, when the True Crime series was dropped completely, this site was also dropped like this series of games.

Feeling that lots of people regret when this series game dropped, so, we – the Admin team of Truecrime2005.com has recovered this site into a gaming news site to offer readers who are interested in gaming. On this site, we offer you all information relating to gaming including review, released date of new games, guide how to play, tips, tricks, cheat codes to experience the games better, etc. In general, you can find all the information relating to your games – the information that makes your gaming experience become better and better on this site. Moreover, on this site, in addition to general information, we also focus on some grand games such as Diablo, Starcraft, or games of Nintendo. Now, let’s come with us to upgrade your games’ experience into a new level!